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Build rapport with people & search engines.

Simple but sophisticated author bio plugin for content creators and publishers on WordPress®.

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Real organic growth with low effort.

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Recognize authors, optimize articles, grow readership.

  • Introduce Yourself

    Allow readers to get to know you on a personal level by sharing your headshot and story at the end of every article.

  • Job Title

    Give yourself professional job title and showcase yourself as a subject matter expert. 

  • Social Icons

    Display social media icons to direct readers to your social media profile pages.

  • Universal Design

    Aesthetically pleasing and accurate on any device, browser, or WordPress theme. No customization required.

  • Article Metadata

    Automatically gather metadata in a manner that Google understands.

  • Popular Posts

    Interlink to articles you choose to boost SEO and showcase your best work to your readers.

Product Tour

How 3 special tabs make Power Bio Box the most unique WordPress author plugin. 

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  • Author bio box plugin   tab 2   seo metadata
  • Author bio box plugin   tab 3   popular posts


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Founders Note

Content creators are always juggling the balance between creating authentic content and trying to grow loyal and sustainable traffic to their site. But fighting with Google's complicated and everchanging algorithms can be hard to maintain while trying to build authorship. We have created the Power Bio Box plugin to help combat both of those issues. The automatic SEO and interlinking features help boost SEO, while the personal touch helps you create a relationship with your readers. 

The Power Bio Box plugin will give your blog a dual-benefit boost from the moment you set it up. 

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